Be crazy in love again. And wildly successful in business.
Because you can have it all.

The threesome most partners fantasize about is not with you and your business.

Yet here you are, feeling torn between the two.

Whoa, work and home really aren’t mutually exclusive.

The moment you “realize” entrepreneurial success is causing you to outgrow your partner is heartbreaking, alienating, and can leave you feeling out of control. Even worse, it’s driving your partner to feel abandoned and betrayed.

Success? A wedge driven deeply and painfully into your partnership.

Here’s the thing: compartmentalizing is good if you’re counting calories, but catastrophic if you’re in love and building a business.

Welcome to the love triangle you never knew existed.

Freedom in business has arrested your love life.

Entrepreneurs face unique challenges in love. Relationships are hard enough, and then comes a new interest – that growing, powerful company you’ve created – and you’re forced to juggle the two (when both want your full attention). Three appalling observations I’ve made as a relationship coach for entrepreneurs:

  1. Almost every entrepreneur I know feels the divide, the loneliness inside of her own relationship.
  2. Every single one of them also believed going into business for themselves meant they’d be happier in love.
  3. Success can cost us more than monthly web hosting payments, and more and more entrepreneurs are winding up divorced every day.

Why consider this course?

Because – at some point – you feel you have to choose:

Do I give up the successful business of my dreams to try to rebuild a love that feels broken?

Why does a break up sound easier than staying in this relationship?

Is it easier to provide guilt instead of support? What happened to the person I love?

And no matter how many times you’ve rephrased or challenged these questions, you find your relationship creeping closer to the breaking point every night (while you’re hustling to get out a newsletter or connecting with clients on Facebook). Meanwhile, that partner you used to love for their soft touch or intellectual wit went to bed frustrated, because you’re more devoted to work than to them.

Sound familiar?

Working with Jenev was deep and incredibly powerful. It was unexpected because while I wasn’t sure what issue to work on, I got so clear on my relationship that when I saw patterns of struggle within myself, I could go back to our conversation and get clear that it was my issue popping up again. Jenev helped me understand that the beautiful man in my life just wants to love me. As a divorced mom building a business, and in a long-distance relationship, sometimes I feel pulled in many directions. I would sometimes question whether I can really do it all.

As it turns out, I can. I have it all. I love that I didn’t wait until there was a big problem to resolve. I chose to do an intensive with Jenev so that I could be aware of how to continue to nurture my relationship while successfully build my business. Every time we see each other, it’s better than the previous time. And my business is growing too!

Thank you Jenev for your guidance and support, and your ability to keep going deeper.

Francoise Everett

Then I want you to know two things, sister.

First, you are absolutely not alone.

Second, you can kill it in business without destroying your relationship.

Put down the stack of self-help books preaching for you to focus only on your own self-care. (They aren’t helping your partnership).

Stop cutting ties inside your relationship, as the law of attraction might suggest (it doesn’t work here).

Let go of advice from couple’s counselors who don’t understand entrepreneurship (they don’t empathize with your unique needs).

When you build a strong foundation for your relationship, you become healthier and happier, and your business is a force to be reckoned with.

I know, because I’ve made it happen in my life and business, and I can help with yours too.

After working with countless couples over the years and connecting with thousands of women in business for themselves, I’ve united relationship expertise as a couple’s therapist and clinical psychologist AND my business experience to discover the powerful, transformational link between relationships and entrepreneurship that ensures success in both: business and pleasure.

If you ever:

  • Worry your partner might have an aneurism if you tell them about the five figure coach you hired
  • Resent your partner for being unsupportive
  • Feel crushed by their negativity and frustration
  • Distance yourself so far you’re convinced one of you lives on Jupiter
    Fear admitting it, but don’t think you two can ever again be happy together.

I came to the point where I had some really amazing success in my business, but yet I was feeling disconnected in my relationship, and I was putting it on the back burner, thinking maybe it would one day shift.  I realized it wouldn’t just shift, and I had to make that decision, so that’s why I sought Jenev out.

Jenev held such a safe space that I knew we weren’t able to create on our own, and it allowed for us to be much more in tune to come into connection and acknowledge the pieces we weren’t on the same page about. The experience was really special in that way – it was just what we needed to come into more clarity and to create the connection that was essential for us.

By accessing Jenev and what she has to offer, I was able to go to the next level of how I was showing up in my business, be more in my power and in alignment with what I’m really here to do.  My relationship was the missing link for me in keeping me from fully showing up in my business.

Creating this deeper emotional connection with my partner also allowed me to really own what I know as far as wealth consciousness and the direction of my business. It was a space where he really got to see what it was all about. He got to see more of me and I got to see more of him in the process.

Having more clarity around my desires and allowing myself to feel that and express that to him was absolutely key.  I was previously blinded by what was keeping me personally disconnected.


This experience was probably the most profound thing I could have gifted to myself.  Not only for my own internal expression to him and for him to see that, but for my business as well.  We absolutely could not have done this on our own.  What Jenev offers is so valuable and is just starting to be a conversation in the entrepreneurial world.  It really is a revolution that you’re stepping into.

Juliet Turalski

  • The cutting edge new science behind what love is really about, how it works, and how to apply it to your life and relationship as a business owner.
  • Your love blueprint: how it dictates relationships, what it is and how to change it when necessary
  • Your unique relationship pattern and how to make it work for you
  • The 3 keys to a healthy relationship
  • Why emotions are your best friends and how to connect with them at a deeper level
  • An ancient practice that will help you be better at everything you do, including love
  • An ancient practice that will help you be better at everything you do, including love
  • What’s happening at the heart of all relationship distress, and how to stop it from overtaking your connection to your partner, and how to apply this to any significant relationship you have moving forward
  • The communication skills you need to have your best relationship, and how they can help
  • Simple tricks to improve any relationship.
  • How to stop allowing your business to rev up the cycle of disconnect that has already taken over your relationship
  • How to have conversations about the money (they’re never really about the money)
  • Simple conversations to make sure your relationship continues to grow and develop alongside you as a constantly learning and expanding entrepreneur.

Working with Jenev has been literally, a Godsend. While I am an entrepreneur, in all honesty the issues in my relationship started long before I went into business for myself. Working for myself just made things worse.
We had two big issues; communication and trust. It seemed like most conversations ended up in a fight (that never got resolved and so affected every aspect of our relationship) and my lack of trust led to control issues and him not feeling necessary or needed in our relationship.

All in all it was a big mess and I actually went into the coaching with Jenev pretty sure we were going to dissolve the relationship.

I learned where my trust issues came from and what they were really about. My husband got to see where he had shut down and became more trusting himself. We’ve been able to remove the respective walls and barriers we’d each built and actually generate a relationship that’s fun, fulfilling, supportive and so loving!

We have been married 15 years and things are actually better than when we first got together

Ann Lotwin

Discover how you can thrive in business and love.

If you are a strong, smart and successful woman unwilling to sacrifice your business and ready to have the relationship of your dreams, click the box below to learn once and for all how to get love right.


You’ll walk away from this course

  • Empowered in love and stronger in your business
  • With more connection, better communication and greater understanding in your relationship
  • No longer feeling like your relationship is holding your business back or vice versa, yet in gratitude that the two support each other
  • With the knowledge, self-awareness and tools that you will bring to any relationship you go into

What you get...

4 interactive modules that take you through the steps I walk my VIP clients through to help you get clear on how to show up at your best in love and in business

Access to secret Facebook group upon request where you can get personal access to me to answer any questions you have about the material and your relationship.

A simplified and personalized program with information that I invested 6 figures and years of training to learn so that you can finally make love work

Fillable pdf workbooks with powerful exercises to complete on your own or with your partner


Instant access to my ebook, Your Best Love: The Couple’s Workbook and Guide to Their Best Relationship

Instant access to a video training with yours truly and professional organizer/happy home creator, Lisa Sharp: Clearing the Clutter in Love: How to Make Space in Your Home to Grow Closer as a Couple

Interview with Rick Gabrielly, aka The Marriage Boss, on what’s really going on inside the mind of your partner


A solid relationship is priceless. It’s the best health insurance policy out there, it increases your happiness, and it makes you better in business.

How much is a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship worth to you?

How much is a roadmap to making love work for you worth, whether you’re currently in a relationship or not?

How much will your business prosper when you’re happy in love?

The average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is said to be around $20K, but let’s face it, anyone who’s been through a divorce knows it can cost SO much more than that – not only financially, but in other ways as well.

When you’re happy in love, your mortality rate goes down, your success rate goes up, and you make more money. Research backs those stats up (see bottom of page for just a few of countless references). What’s that worth to you?